To move from feeling to healing we must identify our foundation, understand and have compassion for what we are experiencing, and apply the Word of God to our lives as we stay in communion and relationship with others. In part 2 of Feeling to Healing, I’m giving you 5 steps to help process your emotions and renew your mind. Remember, shame doesn’t change us; change happens in the tension. There is kindness in slowness. And scripture is not a bandage, it’s the ointment for the wound.

5 steps to process your emotions

5 Steps to Process Your Emotions

1. Acknowledge the emotion

When we begin to feel anxious, take a moment to acknowledge that our bodies are communicating something with us by responding to a current situation with past information. We are being kind to ourselves and those around us when we take a moment to pause and reflect.

 2. Identify the emotion

Are fear, anger, or envy present? Once we acknowledge something isn’t right, we can give ourselves permission to explore what we are feeling. Identifying the emotion is the trigger which allows us to begin to feel so we can move toward God’s truth about what we are experiencing.

Even when we feel, we have the power to put what we feel into submission.

3. Accept the emotion

We are run by our emotions when we run away from them. Acceptance allows us to feel without being run by what we are experiencing. When we refuse to run, we can evaluate why we are experiencing what we are feeling without internalizing it as part of our identity.

4. Determine what the emotion is telling you 

There are stories surrounding what we believe, so we must ask ourselves, “What is this emotion trying to communicate to us about who we are?  

5. Have a conversation with God

I know this might sound hard, uncomfortable, and awkward, but interrupting our normal thought patterns to create new ones is how we renew our minds. Change happens in tension. We will have tension when we think a new thought in opposition to what we are used to thinking, but to change the way we think, we must challenge the way we think. 

Listen to part one here!

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