A Better Way To Pray

This is the last Truth Talk, A Better Way To Pray, in our 4-part series based on my free Know Your Worth Study. For the past three weeks, I’ve been discussing why it’s critical to read the Bible as well as some tips to help you better understand what it says. This week, I’m talking about prayer – what it is and isn’t, different types of prayer, and some scriptures of encouragement.

When prayers aren’t getting answered, it’s easy to think God doesn’t hear us and conclude that God must not care about us. The truth is that our timelines don’t compare to the promises of God. Be encouraged that our Father is working things out for your good in His perfect timing.

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Here are a few things to know when praying:

Praying is not about creating a result. Trying to make God your genie isn’t the goal. Complaining to God in prayer isn’t what changes the atmosphere around you. Prayer time isn’t the place for accusations and pointing the finger.

Praying is how you communicate with God. Your time in prayer is about your relationship with God. You become co-laborers with Him setting up an atmosphere to bring heaven to earth.

God works through His church. His church is you. You get to partner with God to begin to create change here on earth.

There is an unseen world that moves and shifts in your communion with the Father. We don’t see that happening with our physical eyes. We believe it happens because our faith in Jesus says it does.

Three different types of prayer – supplication (to make specific requests), intercession (praying on behalf of others), and giving thanks.

Prayer is for all men and authority so that they may lead a quiet and peaceable life. This doesn’t mean they don’t encounter suffering or hard times, but their communion with God in prayer keeps them humble and God the focus, redeemer, and restorer.

Pray with confidence, belief, authority, thanksgiving, and with the Word of God. Speak as though it is not as though it isn’t.

Encouragement and discussion for the Know Your Worth Study:

No matter what you feel, there is a Truth to overcome it. He wouldn’t (and didn’t) leave you defenseless against the enemy. More than anything, I want to remind you that your timelines don’t compare to the promises of God. Let’s lay hold of the promise in our hearts before we ever see it with our eyes allowing it to become so real that nothing that comes along can persuade you otherwise.

Be willing to ask yourself, “Have I been putting faith in my timeline or God’s? Are my relationship experiences here on earth, affecting my view of the Father and our relationship? Do I only believe when I see it?”

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