If you find yourself going from diet to diet looking for the “perfect” one for you, maybe it’s not another diet that you need. In this Truth Talk, Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Going On Another Diet, it’s about starting slow. With every new diet we try, we tend to bring in some of the habits and thought processes from previous diets. When we “diet stack” we over restrict our food options, sometimes even to the point that there’s not much left we can eat without feeling guilty. These questions are meant to challenge you in your thinking so you can begin to stop this diet rollercoaster and begin to focus on the real truth about your body, food, and where your worth is being placed.

Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Going On Another Diet

  1. Will, this diet plan restrict my enjoyment at parties, events, gatherings, family dinners, etc.?
    Will you feel the need to save your calories for the party? Do you find yourself avoiding food altogether because you don’t trust yourself? Will feel like you have failed if you eat something off the plan?

2. Does this diet feel free to you? Is it something you will constantly be thinking about? In other words, can you do this and stay free emotionally?

3. Can you keep this up long-term? Can you keep it up with your current lifestyle?

4. Will you feel deprived?

5. Do you already find yourself labeling food “good,” “bad,” or “forbidden”? As in, “I’ll never eat that again”?

6. Do you feel defeated before even starting? Do you find yourself constantly saying what you should be eating?

Verses to focus on this week about identity:

“He formed your inward parts” (Psalm 139:13)

“He knit you together in your mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13)

“You are fearfully made” (Psalm 139:14)

“You are not hidden from Him” (Psalm 139:15)

“His thoughts toward you are more than you can count” (Psalm 139:15)

Resources mentioned: Spirit Soul Body coaching

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