Is Being Skinny Really Worth It?

I’ve got a tough question for you in today’s Truth Talk – is being skinny really worth it or is there something deeper that needs an answer? In my quest to challenge the narrative and why we do things, I wondered why and when the idea of skinny became the focus. When did the idea of skinny become the object of affection for so many of us? What does “skinny” even mean? The truth is this – our body is the external force driving a feeling we hope to experience internally. It’s who and what we honor our body with that matters the most.

Points from this episode Is Being Skinny Really Worth It:

We are called to steward our bodies well. It’s a spiritual discipline as much as a physical discipline. Therefore, losing weight or having goals of losing weight is not bad. Wanting to care for our bodies isn’t being self-righteous.

There is always something deeper that drives us to make our choices, leading us to think that our actions will change us.

Our hearts should be focused on finding freedom and love that come through sustained spiritual disciplines rather than our physical appearance.

The enemy would love for you to be focused on your body more than the mission God has called you to. With your body being the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, the attacks will come.

How you view yourself will always come down to how you view the Father.

Questions to help determine how to maintain spiritual and physical discipline with our bodies without focusing our body’s appearance:

Identify the reward you think you will have when you meet the “skinny” goal. Does it glorify God or glorify you?

Do you invite God into your workouts? Have your faith and fitness collided? 

Why do you think you are so bad, wrong, or not good?

How do you see the Father?

How has your spiritual journey been changing your physical journey? Is your relationship with God changing how you show up in your physical body?

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