Release your pain. Restore your faith. Rebuild your foundation.

I found myself empty with no energy, feeling unfulfilled. No matter how many workouts I did, scriptures I read, or healthy foods I ate, I never felt satisfied. I was 22 and looking for something, anything, to fill up my cup of loneliness and pain I felt regarding my past.

Fitness became the only thing I felt like I could control, like how many calories I ate and how many workouts I did. That’s when I did my first ever workout from home, TurboJam. It kept me focused, it gave me a plan, and it led me to completing my first ever program all the way through. After years had passed and after becoming a Beachbody coach myself, I realized one thing missing from all the programs I was helping women through – the spiritual and emotional side of being healthy.

As a Beachbody coach who has taught hundreds of women over the last 10 years, I have learned that just giving you another diet program will not satisfy the longing your heart is desperately craving. 

The longing to love your body.

The longing to no longer be afraid to eat food thinking you could gain weight or mess up your diet again.

The longing to move your body in a way that you didn’t dread or hate.

I created my SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group so that women have a place to begin healing their soul and rebuilding their foundation of health and fitness. My goal in this four-phase program is to show you how you can build a body and life not based on another rule, restriction, religious duty, or label, but on the solid foundation of Christ. If you change your identity and how you view yourself, you will change the lens in which you see the rest of the world. Let me introduce to you my SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group and how each phase equips you to live a life of holistic freedom in Christ. 

My four-phase program will teach you how to release pain, restore your faith, rebuild your foundation, and revive your soul so you can be free from the diet culture and the world’s view of what your body should look like. 

beachbody coaching


  • 4 weeks of coaching and mentorship with me. Includes LIVE classes and daily biblical teaching.
  • 3 week nutrition coaching
  • 30-day supply of Shakeology
  • 30 oz. water bottle
  • Fitness tracker
  • Recipes
  • Text Check-Ins


Phase One: Release

(v) allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free

Do you feel like no one understands what you’re going through? When you shared your pain, did you feel shame or guilt for expressing your concerns about your body? Maybe feeling shame has caused you to turn inward and hate the reflection looking back at you in the mirror? The pain or experiences in your life have caused you to turn to food for emotional support, and you desperately want to be able to live a life of freedom that isn’t just focused on food, a diet, or the number on the scale.

The purpose of phase one, Release, is to develop a safe place for you to bring up the issues of your heart without feeling shame or guilt. As we go through the 2B Mindset nutrition course together, you will begin to understand your emotionally-fueled nutritional decisions, why you make them, and see how easy and simple it is to eat for your lifestyle without another diet attached to it. 

Phase Three: Rebuild

(v) to build something again that has been damaged or destroyed

Has the dieting world on social media left you feeling overwhelmed and confused? Has eating and dieting left you feeling frustrated because nothing seems to work or change? Do you spend your time trying to figure out what diet to start and how to eat in a way that will help you lose weight fast? 

Faith and fitness collide in phase three, Rebuild, where I teach you how to rebuild your foundation on Christ in regards to your health and fitness. The foundation we build our habits and routines on matter because it gives us the groundwork for long-term change. Phase three, rebuilding, builds on phase one as we released the pain we carry and restored the areas of our life we used to idolize with scripture in phase two. How you view your body matters. The way you look at the food you eat matters. Why you move your body matters. It all matters. 

Phase Two: Restore

(v) return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position

Do you know scripture in your head, but never experience it in your heart? You know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, but what does that mean? 

The focus of phase two, Restore, is to repair the places in your soul that feel less than. This week will be focused heavily on scripture as you begin to renew your mind to God’s word from the areas you released in phase one. God has set us free from shame and guilt, and it’s time to begin to understand the freedom you have in Christ that empowers us to make wise food decisions, express kindness and compassion to ourselves, and not punish our bodies with our workouts.

Phase Four: Revival

(v) an improvement in the condition or strength of something

Have you completed a diet only to go back to your habits right after it was finished? Did it leave you feeling worse than when you started? Have you ever tried to have compassion for yourself only to revert back to your old ways of thinking? 

The intention of phase four, Revive, is about living in the newness of your newfound discovery of your identity and worth that isn’t found on the number on the scale, how your body looks, or how you eat.

Revival is not only about having an awakening of God’s love for you, but understanding how to live it out in everyday life. Revival begins by releasing the pain of our past, restoring the areas that once felt depleted and empty, and rebuilding a new foundation in Christ regarding your body, food, and workouts. Every phase leads up to revival in your heart that continues beyond our 30 days together.


This doesn’t have to be another program that ends. This can be a program that continues because the principles weren’t based on how to eat with restrictions or move your body a specific way. It has always been based on Christ first and fitness second. 

Let’s step out of dis-ease and into wholeness and healing, together.


  • 4 weeks of coaching and mentorship with me. Includes LIVE classes and daily biblical teaching.
  • 3 week nutrition coaching
  • 30-day supply of Shakeology
  • 30 oz. water bottle
  • Fitness tracker
  • Recipes
  • Text Check-Ins

“Down a pound today. That’s 4 pounds total so far. Slow but steady. Pretty happy about it. Haven’t been hungry really at all. And, it hasn’t felt like a gigantic struggle where it’s all I think about. Yay God!” 
Heather B.

“I have grown and feel more empowered since I participated in the group. I feel less stress, less worry, and less pressure in my everyday life. I feel more open and focused when I’m spending time with God. I feel driven to make good choices when it comes to my food and even feel motivated to exercise regularly. I got a lot from the group experience. I liked being able to express what I’m going through on a platform where others would understand the struggle. Thank you for everything.” – Ruthie M. 

How is the SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group run?

I run the group inside a private Beachbody on Demand group. Beachbody has an app that you can download for free. It gives you the ability to log your workout, put in your measurements (if you would like), and track your progress easily. Every day I have a teaching/post with a check-in that has a variety of topics I check in on. The posts are mixed with videos and written posts. Every day I am in the group to help, coach, teach, and bring accountability to you.  You are never alone on the journey. There will also be other women to bring encouragement and provide support. 

Is it time consuming? How much time do I need for this group?

This coaching group can also be viewed as a self-paced training. Meaning, we do not meet at specific times because everyone is on different schedules and time zones. Therefore, it takes the time pressure off to have to structure your day around my posts. Every morning I will post a new training/teaching. You then log into the Beachbody app and respond when you are ready. I will be checking in with you privately as well. Each day should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. (Not including workout time.)

Is this a workout program?

The SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group specifically focuses on helping women find confidence in making food choices. Going through the 2B Mindset teaches women how to eat food that is best for them, how to make the right choices, what specific foods are and how they help, different alternatives, and more importantly how to eat without dieting. I then come alongside 2B Mindset and help women focus on their emotional and spiritual health. (Which feeds their physical health.) Working out during this time is recommended. However, our focus is on ending the dieting cycles and changing the way you view yourself. Everything is based on God’s word.

What happens after the group is over?

Once the group is over you then get added into my Graduates Group where the accountability and support continues! 

How much is the SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group and what do I get?

For the 4-week SPIRIT SOUL BODY coaching group you will receive:

1. 4 weeks of coaching/mentorship with me — more of a 1:1 setting since the group is small (My coaching is actually free when you purchase all the tools you need. I usually charge $250+ an hour. Which is why I love these groups because the price is all-inclusive for the 4 weeks.)

2. You get a 3-week nutrition course (value is $99)

3. 30 day supply of Shakeology (value is $129)

4. 30oz water bottle + tracker + recipes

+ more throughout the 4 weeks. 

For everything you get, it’s $180.

You also get added to my graduate group afterward so that you get continued support and accountability.

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