I get it! Trust me! Everywhere you look in stores you are surrounded by celebrities on magazines that claim THIS diet is the best and THAT diet will help you lose 10lbs in 10 days.

Then, you jump on social media and see 100 people or more that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW share their food and workouts and the new diet they are trying. (Insert all the feelings that say, “Where do I even begin?”)

So, casually, you begin to think to yourself, “Why not me? I’ll try that diet. It’s surely going to work this time. Yeah, that diet will work.”

Moments later. . .

“Why can’t I diet and lose the weight too?” You continue to think to yourself.

If dieting was the way to go, then wouldn’t everyone who went on a diet weigh less, be happier, enjoy the food they eat, and not gain the weight back when coming off “the diet”?

If dieting was the way to go, then wouldn't everyone who went on a diet weigh less, be happier, enjoy the food they eat, and not gain the weight back when coming off "the diet"? Read more on JessicaHottle.com

Everyday inside of my 28 Day Spirit. Soul. Body. Revolution Coaching group, I am teaching women how to stop searching for their value in the mirror and so they can discover their true worth in Christ.

All because. . .

God first, fitness second, being fit is not your final destination, and working out is a form of worship.

So, instead of worshipping our workout or “that summer body” how about we worship the One who created us in the first place.

Unlike other trainers/teachers out there who try to give one workout or meal plan to their entire client base, I teach you how to live a life with faith -> freedom living -> fitness.

Living life on your terms and what feels good to you all by listening to your body. (Yes, learning to trust the fact that the Holy Spirit does know what is best for your body.)

2 Peter 1:3 tells us we have everything we need for this life, “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

My friend, everything means everything. So that would include your body, your health, your healing, and your workouts.

Go back to that one time when you enjoyed moving without the rules. How did it feel? Do you even remember a time like that?

You are more than likely making this “living a healthy life” harder than it needs to be. (Insert another note: It’s why I do what I do.)

No, you don’t get a meal plan working with me. I like to partner with a nutrition course that empowers you how to eat but I am not going to help you lose weight by being chained to one way of eating or one meal plan.

No, you don’t get a specific workout calendar to get XYZ results. But, I do encourage to move your body in ways that feel good for you and with your time schedule.

I’m not about that life anymore.

I used to be chained to it for many years. It only left me starved for something more and nothing was ever filling. It was as if I kept trying everything and nothing seemed to work.

I want you to be able to move and move in freedom with a smile on your face not with dread in your heart.

Will you join me?

Your fitness motivator, Jesus prescriber,


P.S. Here’s the deal. Diets don’t work. They don’t bring you long term results. If they did then way more people would enjoy food, not dread going out to eat, would not gain the weight back, and would have way more fun with their workouts.

So, if you are done with diets and want long term, sustainable results while learning how to find your true worth in Christ, then I would love to have you join us inside my next coaching group! Fill out the FREE form here!

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