I have spent the past three months writing my new book. The books divided into two sections. One if healing and the other is health. This topic on overcoming dieting is a big piece of the health portion of the book. Being in the fitness industry for ten years has allowed me to work with many women. Not to mention, what I write about are the very things I have lived through. Today, I just wanted to share with you an excerpt from my new book.

“Maybe you already know the effects of dieting. Sometimes though, I think the hardest part is slowing down long enough to realize why you make the choices you make. Our busy lives take over most of the time which leave no time for processing, healing, and working through why we do what we do. Often it’s overlooked as if it’s just a part of life that all of us must endure. Our priority isn’t in dealing with the issue, but rather to do something that provides temporary pleasure without the long-term change.

I talk with women almost every single day who wrestle with food, emotional eating, and more but will tell me they don’t have time, the resources, or aren’t willing to talk about it.

It breaks my heart to see so many woman living under a lie from the enemy and not receiving the freedom Christ came to give them. Why? Because I speak from my own personal experiences as I have already shared. I know the wrestle with food and body image. I remember the moment I had my back give out on me when coming up from a back squat and thinking what will my body look like now that I can’t work out? 

The Lord revealed to me through my pain that I had all of who I was in how I looked. Who would Jessica be now if she didn’t work out and lift heavy all the time? It was a rather humbling experience that forced me to refocus my attention. Did the Lord cause that? No. Did He use it for my good? Yes. That’s just another encounter I had with the Father about my body. I may not be able to relate to your exact experience. (That is what makes our journeys unique and our testimony’s even more powerful.) However, I am sure I could relate to you on some level when it comes to the emotional/spiritual side of things.

When it comes to dieting, here are just a few things it can cause:

  • Us to be more preoccupied with food
  • Make food the enemy
  • Make us feel guilty when not eating certain types of food
  • Can slow down our metabolism

Our trouble isn’t in the food. Food doesn’t come with emotion. We give emotion to it. One of our biggest faults is when we focus solely on our bodies to the point we begin to believe that doing anything but dieting sounds impossible. Meaning, is it even possible to lose weight without dieting?

How is it possible to lose weight without dieting? | Jessica Hottle

Taking a closer look at our habits or where our decisions really come from can be a stepping stone to the freedom He died for you to have.

For example: Did your parents start you on a diet at a young age? Did you see your parents diet or your mom talk about her body a lot? Was your body talked about a lot? How was food and body image talked about in your house growing up? Who were you surrounded with as you got older that may have enforced what was already spoken? What about good things you saw your parents or someone you loved doing and thought that’s how you have to be?

I don’t believe that healing or weight loss is always a knowledge issue either.

Many people know nutritional facts and can recite what many things have. The information for dieting is readily available via Google nowadays, anyway. If the only thing that was important was nutritional facts then there wouldn’t be so many people struggling with weight problems.

Share with me below, do you struggle with emotional eating? Have you been dieting for a long time? Do you want a new way to lose weight? Need help, support, and accountability to get started? Get my free Walking With God While Moving Your Body three-part series!

Rooting for you,

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