Do you ever find yourself worrying about what you are going to eat next? You want to make the right choice that will help you reach your goals but overwhelm kicks in as you survey your choices.

That has gluten.

That has dairy.

That has sugar.

That has carbs.

That will cause bloating.

That will cause inflammation.

That will cause fatigue.

That will cause my eyes to be puffy.

I’m not denying that what I listed above couldn’t cause what I listed below. What I do what to bring to your attention is the obsession around getting it right 100% of the time versus making the next best choice in the moment.

Let me be clear, this is coming from a girl who passed out on an airplane because she didn’t have any extra food and refused to eat “airport food” out of fear of what it would cause even though I was causing more damage by not eating it than eating it. I was traveling home from a long 3-day conference. My body and mind were already tired and spent. Looking back, I realize how little I ate, once again out of fear of not wanting to mess up.

That was the tipping point for my healing journey to go in a whole other direction. Meaning, I got worse before I got better. (That discussion is for another time.)

I thought I was doing the right things but my mind was all over the place emotionally and spiritually. (It’s why I created the 28 Day Spirit. Soul. Body. Coaching group) I thought God was teaching me something through this. I thought He was causing this to happen to me. Then I discovered the lies I believed for so long.

It’s hard to receive healing from the Healer when you believe He caused it to happen in the first place. I took responsibility for my own emotions and actions which set into motion identifying all the food fears I had and why I had them.

Identify your food fears? What are they? Why do you have them?

Do you not eat a certain way because someone on social media said so? Are they saying one way is the only way to go? A lot of marketing around fitness and food stems from fear.

If you don’t do this or eat this way then this could happen.

Some things may have truth to them but do you realize that operating, making choices, and living in fear is not a part of the Kingdom?

Fearing food, fearing your symptoms, and fearing how things will be different if you can’t work out create a foundation for the enemy to run wild with your thoughts. Insert the all or nothing mindset or the nothing I do ever works or this is the way my life will always be.

Romans 8:6 says, “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

I had many #heartcheck moments for all the times I believed what my fear was telling me to be true versus God’s word having the final say.

Carnal = Believing your five senses.

Spiritual = Believing God’s word over your five senses. Believing in what you can’t see but know to be true because He who said it is faithful.

Every body is different. The way you respond to food will be different than the way I respond to food. Not to mention my lifestyle will be completely different than yours.

The more we honor this with others and with ourselves the more we allow ourselves to be set free from the food rules and the food fear. It will be so much easier to tune into what the Holy Spirit is saying about our situation because His voice will be louder than the ones around us.

Don’t skip this step in your weight loss/healing journey.

If you don’t deal with what’s going on in the inside first the outside will never find sustainability.

I’m rooting for you,

P.S. If you are ready to bring healing in your life, have confidence in your body, and be set free from food fear I would love to come alongside you. Fill out the form here so we can chat!

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