Doing What Matters Most versus Getting Things Done

It’s easy to get so caught up in our to-do lists that we don’t stop to ask if what we’re busy doing is something we should be doing. Is it really worth our time and energy or are there more important things we should be focusing on? In this conversation with the co-leaders of She Works His Way, Michelle Myers and Somer Phobus, we’re talking about the battle of overwork, why margin is vital for us to build deep relationships, and the power and freedom that comes with seeking God first. Michelle and Somer are going to be talking about doing what matters most versus getting things done.

Key points from our conversation Doing What Matters Most versus Getting Things Done:

Doing What Matters Most versus Getting Things Done

Jesus has already won the war for our soul, but we often strive to find victory and freedom through our works. There are a lot of competing voices in our lives, but the only one that matters is God’s. 

Order is the biggest war we’re fighting. We see it in overwork, discontentment, and people-pleasing. You can go to Jesus first and rest at His feet. He’ll direct our steps.

We tend to overcomplicate things, but the order we do things matters. Seek God first and He will lead you to the next right thing. You don’t have to worry about the order after putting Him first. “What we need to focus on is simply putting God first and trusting Him to do every other thing.” – Michelle

We tend to justify our busyness by saying it’s for the glory of God. But when we add things to the list He has for us, it makes us neglect the most important things and stops us from being able to make deep connections. We need margin. If you’re feeling too busy, quiet the busyness in your time with Jesus first and foremost.

Our affections matter. To find out what you’re putting first, look at what you love most. It’s a deep dive of questions to ask yourself and God. When you put God first you’re setting a pace that is peaceful, but not easy. It won’t look like the culture because the end goals are not the same.

The results are God’s job.

Leadership isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also not a title. “You’ll be the best leader if you make it your goal to be the best servant.”

People are the point. Relationships aren’t instant; they take investment. When you recognize your purpose is to make disciples, you understand that your purpose is wrapped up in relationships. You can’t systemize people.Relationships require you to be constant and consistent. If you’re doing it full steam ahead, it’s a task list.

You have to go deep when everyone is telling you to go wide. That’s not just with individuals – it has to be with your ministry you’re called to. None of it is fast.

We need to start celebrating what God is doing through focus and going deep instead of accomplishments. 

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