Today I wanted to share some questions and points when it comes to the emotional effects of social media. I don’t think it is a surprise that social media has become a source of information and encouragement; a place we seek to find our identity and validation on our beliefs and what we feel. 2020 took many of us for a loop in our ability to communicate in person, which led us to pick up our phones instead of picking up a hand and looking someone in the eyes. 

I felt this shift happening. It seemed as though we began to turn into two people in the same body – who we were online and who we were offline. As I began to observe two personalities forming, I also realized how it was hurting us emotionally.

In this episode, I’m asking you some questions to help you analyze how you’re using social media. This analysis is nothing more than a starting point for us to realize that social media is a great tool to use when used right with wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Points from today’s episode The Emotional Effects Of Social Media:

It’s easy to believe social media doesn’t have a consequence. Why does it matter how we respond when we’ll never meet the person in real life? Instead ask these questions –

Has that one comment ever changed your mind? Your life?
The post you see while scrolling and liking, has it changed your mind for good?
Did that post cause you to change how you show up in the world?
The thread of opinions on a post, has that impacted you in a way that brought life to your soul?

There is no mindlessly scrolling. With every scroll and post, we are taking in input, whether conscious of it or not. 

Whether you speak the words you type is irrelevant to whether they are producing life or death – in your life or someone else’s.

We try to tend to the wounds of people we don’t know before tending to the hearts of the people we do know. 

Trying to care for everyone has led us to become at full emotional capacity like there is not one more thing we can take on or handle.

Do an emotional inventory. An emotional inventory will take some time and maybe a break from social media. Create space in your schedule so you can make sure social media is in the right place in your life. 

Remember that social media is a tool for us to connect, but it’s not a place for us to disconnect from real life. Social media isn’t what gets to dictate the call on our life. God has the final say on that. 

God creates the increase in your life. Not an algorithm. No man can stop what God has planned for you.

Questions to ponder on The Emotional Effects Of Social Media:

What has social media done for you and to you in the recent months?

How has it impacted your relationships?

Has it provided the answers you were looking for regarding your pain, situation, event, or life in general? 

Why am I afraid to get unfollowed or not liked? What does that say about how I view myself and God?

What could you do with decreased social media time?

Action steps:

Set new boundaries.

Consider how you can set up a better system to still show up, but more effectively.

Set a limit on your social media time. 

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