Chances are you’ve already learned this about lie the hard way – everything you hear must be true. With everyone’s opinions available at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with conflicting information and hard to distinguish the truth.

In Lie #39 I’m talking with Britany Rust, an author, speaker and podcast host dedicated to strengthening believers through the power of God’s Word and pointing to His abundant grace through Truth x Grace Ministries. She tells us about the lie she sees most women believing, why bible literacy is so important, and how you can differentiate the voice of the enemy from the voice of God.

Discerning truth comes from knowing God’s word. It also helps us to control what we feel.

Points from our conversation regarding everything you hear must be true:

The lie of hustle culture – if you do enough, you can achieve anything

Bible literacy is simply studying the Word of God for yourself

One lie Brittany has had to unravel for herself – “You aren’t good enough.”

Being open about our weaknesses allows God to show His strength

The enemy puts the focus on you, God always points to Christ as the hero of our story

3 Things You Can Do Today to Discern God’s Voice

1. Read the bible

2. Pray

3. Practice


“God primarily speaks through His word, so you’re gonna be fed most by investing your time into studying and reading the Bible.” – Brittany Rust

“The language of the enemy will separate Christ from the equation, but God’s language always brings Jesus back to the heart of every message.” – Brittany Rust

“Yes, you want to be still and wait on the Lord, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do your creative best with what God has put in your hands.” – Brittany Rust

Connect with Brittany:

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Brittany has a passion to give encouragement to the world-weary believer through her writing, speaking and podcasting. She is the author of Here I Am: Responding When God Calls Your Name, Untouchable: Unraveling the Myth That You’re Too Faithful to Fall and the Trust Fall Bible Study. Brittany is also a regular contributor to Propel Women, Crosswalk, and YouVersion and hosts the Truth x Grace podcast. Brittany and her husband, Ryan, have a handsome son named Roman, and live in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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