Faith, Life, and Who You Are Beyond Motherhood with Sarah Bragg

Are you wrestling with finding your identity outside of your titles or growing weary in the midst of a hard season? Then you’re not going to want to miss this conversation I had with author and podcast host Sarah Bragg about faith, life, and who you are beyond motherhood. Sarah recently released her new book A Mother’s Guide to Raising Herself: What Parenting Taught Me About Life, Faith and Myself and in this episode, she shares about finding empathy for our kids, the power of starting small, and finding beauty in the ordinary.

Key points from our conversation:

Raising kids is difficult. It’s normal to struggle. Remembering they’re just humans with developing brains can help create empathy in hard seasons.

If you’re wrestling with who you are, don’t be afraid to start telling the truth about what you like and don’t like. Starting small can help you find your voice on bigger issues.

Our titles (wife, mother, friend, co-worker, etc.) don’t define us. Instead of conforming to the stereotype of a title, we should be asking how we can be our most authentic selves so the people around us see us for who we are.

We need to rid ourselves of the lie that anything we do for ourselves is selfish. We’re better when we take time for ourselves. Make doing something you enjoy a priority by working it into your schedule. And start small!

Most of our lives are ordinary, so we have to learn to appreciate it. As a gratitude practice, ask yourself what made you smile today. Gratitude will change our hearts over time when we’re intentional about it.

Resources mentioned in Faith, Life, and Who You Are Beyond Motherhood

Chase God, Not Your Feelings Guide

Sarah Bragg is a popular podcast host, communicator, and author. You can find her on iTunes hosting the podcast Surviving Sarah. She is also the author of A Mother’s Guide to Raising Herself: What Parenting Taught Me About Life, Faith and Myself. She is also a wife, mother of girls, and a creative entrepreneur. Sarah is a master at brewing coffee and helping others survive well right where they are. Sarah and her family reside in Tennessee.

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