Today’s Truth Talk is based on a sermon I heard about fast-food Christianity. You pull up in the drive-thru and order what you want, then you wait. And when you don’t get what you order or they leave something out, it’s frustrating. But that’s how we treat Christianity. When we pray, wait and things don’t work out the way we think they should, we begin to question who God is. Be encouraged also that God is in the bad just as much as the good.

5 Signs We’re Practicing Fast-Food Christianity:

1. Instant gratification

2. God doesn’t give me what I want when I want it

3. Our faith determined by our feelings

4. He’s not our magic genie

5. Hope isn’t a wish – it’s confident expectation

Take a moment today to check where your heart is. Are the thoughts you’re thinking based on others’ opinions instead of the Word of God? Are you upset with the rate things are moving? Where are you placing your hope?

Need more encouragement and guidance when it comes to your feelings? Listen to everything you hear must be true and the lie, I can’t control what I feel.

Key Quotes from Today’s Show:

“We don’t give thank for all things, because not all things are from God. But we can give thanks in all things because our hope is in Christ.

“Scripture never tells us to follow our hearts, it tells us to set our mind on things above.”

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