We’ve probably all heard “for such a time as this.” It’s this powerful phrase that’s used at a defining moment in time. In this Feelings Reset episode, I’m taking a look at the story of Esther and how her choice to risk herself to save the lives of the Jews challenges us to move from fear to faith. Are you living for something bigger than yourself right now? He designed you for this moment with beautiful woven threads of grace, love, and courage. How can you show up today in faith in a way you haven’t before?

fear to faith: feeling reset

Takeaways from this episode fear to faith:

To move from fear to faith is to realize the bigger picture of the One whom we serve and not take the glory for ourselves. 

Esther could have stayed in fear and reason but chose to go before the king on behalf of the Jews and risk her life. Her story challenges us to live for something bigger than ourselves.

What is causing you to fear or to hold onto fear versus your faith? Jesus defeated the grave so you wouldn’t have to live in fear of the enemy or what this world throws your way. 

Don’t go into today white knuckling your life with fear that keeps reducing you. He has called you a conqueror and a victor. You now get to live in that title. 

Read Psalm 91 today. Really read each word. What is God showing you about who He is?

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