Todays’ interview with Rachel, is a topic I get excited to speak into. Rachel does a beautiful job bringing truth to this lie, Find Someone Who Completes You, as we begin to unpack what Christ’s love looks like, marriage, and being single. Remember, your body is valuable.

Here are a few questions I ask Rachel in today’s interview topic Find Someone Who Completes You:

Why does this lie keep trying to present itself as a truth?

How can we honor God being single and as we transition to marriage?

Did you ever feel like finding a man would ease your pain and insecurities?

What are we looking for then in a man?

What does this look like practically?

Rachel talks about:

The difference between the little t and the big T regarding truth.

Loneliness doesn’t have an expiration date.

You can read your Bible and still be lonely. 

If you are always comfortable you won’t need the Comforter – Rachely Awtrey

Two things that can hinder you whether you are single or married are past experiences and past rejections.

Two things you can do practically are to have a deep Spirit-led conversation with the Lord about preferences versus character when it comes to men and practice going to the Father first before your best friend or mom or dad. 

Find Rachel:

About Rachel: Rachel Awtrey is an online encourager and podcaster in Birmingham, AL. She spends most of her time connecting with her friends online encouraging them to seek Jesus in small and large ways.  She is also the host of the Behind the Bliss podcast which creates a space for women to share stories and their reality of what life is really like behind the bliss so that others might experience an “oh yeah, me too” moment. Rachel is an Air Force wife to her husband who serves as a pilot and loves to share her adventures and revelations God shares with her through these experiences. Through heartbreak and loss, marriage and adventure, Rachel hopes to inspire others that it’s not about doing it all well at once but rather being obedient in our next step.

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