Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or burnt out? I can relate. That’s why in this episode I’m talking about finding calm in a chaotic world. We can’t choose what happens around us, but we can choose how we respond. What we set our minds on will determine the feelings we experience based on the beliefs we carry about what we are focusing on. That’s why the Bible encourages us to set our mind on God instead of ourselves and our circumstances. Fear and lies keep us from experiencing the life that He desires for us. What’s stealing your peace today?

Key points from today’s episode:

A soldier doesn’t prepare for war when they’re putting on their armor, it requires substantial training in times of peace. We need to train for our battle mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“When life is chaotic, we don’t have to respond in chaos.”

For us to feel calm, we must think about where calm comes from. To experience calm, we must think about our minds. When we think about our minds, we must think about our focus. 

Much like the story in Matthew 8 about Jesus sleeping in the boat in the midst of a storm, He isn’t concerned with the chaos happening because He knows the outcome. We can trust Him to get us to shore safely.

Picture two piggy banks. Every day we deposit into those piggy banks, and every day we withdraw from those banks. One bank is full of lies, and the other is full of truth. Which piggy bank are you putting more into? Which one do you pull from in times of need?

2 practical steps to help you find calm in a chaotic moment:

Focus on your breath.
Take a minute and just breathe deeply. Breathing helps slow the heartbeat, lower or stabilize blood pressure, lower stress, and regulate the sympathetic nervous system.

Change your scenery/step away for a moment.
Removing yourself from your current environment will allow you to change the direction of your thoughts.

Questions for finding calm in a chaotic world:

Take a helicopter view of your life. What’s the bigger picture that you’ve been missing?

What would your life look like if you trusted God with what is making you feel chaotic?

Do you trust God?

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