In my interview with Danielle, she addresses this lie, friendship should be easy, so beautifully. I have not had a topic like this on the podcast yet and thought it was a perfect time to do so. Believing the lie that friendship should be easy can keep us from experiencing growth and closeness with each other. Also remember, she is not your enemy or your competition.

I am excited for you to listen to the full episode with Danielle.

Points from our conversation today:

You can only truly nurture 3-5 friendships well

Ask the Lord if there’s something you need to see about yourself that would make you a better friend

Only half of our friendships are mutual

If we expect to have long-standing friendships, we have to accept that conflict comes with that

The best way to engage in necessary conflict is by leading with vulnerability

Determining when it’s time to let go of a friendship

We replace half of our friendships every 7 years


Friendships could be better if we normalize conflict – Danielle Jackson

Do you need more friends or better friendships? – Danielle Jackson

Questions I asked:

What are your friendship expectations?

What does Danielle really do when it comes to relationships?

How do we cultivate new friendships as we age?

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About Danielle: Danielle Bayard Jackson is a friendship expert, certified women’s coach, speaker, and author of Give it a Rest: The Case for Tough Love Friendships. As a licensed educator, Danielle has spent the last ten years of her career teaching, observing, and interviewing women about communication, loneliness, and friendship. She uses her studies as a member of the American Sociological Association to teach women how to form and nurture female friendships.

Danielle is also the host of the “Give it a Rest Podcast”, a show offering guidance through some of women’s biggest friendship struggles. GIVE IT A REST Movement is her love letter to women to help them navigate the nuances of sisterhood in a time when it’s more challenging than ever.

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