I felt like the Lord told me to raise up women, their voices, and their stories when it came to God’s view of justice and racism. Although it is a sin issue, we as the church body, still have a huge role to play. Jesus must be the center and the focus around these topics to create the change the world needs. Listen to these two beautiful and amazing women and learn how we can become better image-bearers of Christ.

Bearing the Image of Christ In The Midst of Social Injustice with Erin Youngblood

I recently met Erin Youngblood because she reached out to me about a speaking event. She is the founder of The Clean Campaign. The Lord laid her on my heart instantly, to get her on the podcast, to share her voice, her story, and anything the Lord shared with her to discuss. Erin extends so much grace and kindness towards me in the interview regarding God’s view of justice and racism. 

As she shared her heart and story, questions came to me. Questions like:

What do you want to speak to the most? Or, for others to understand the most?

What do you want to leave for the now and next generation?

How can we listen better and do better?

Some of my favorite quotes and actions steps from Erin.

Action steps:

  1. Listen. 
  2. Acknowledge. 
  3. Advocacy.
  4. Education.
  5. Action.

Recommendations and resources:

  1. Travel. Go to museums. Physically experience history. (Erin shares her story of going to the slave castles.)
  2. Civic dinner from civicdinners.com
  3. White Fragility – book
  4. 13 – documentary
  5. Diversify your friends
  6. Diversify your feed

How do we listen to understand more than we listen to prove our own pain is worse? 

Do you have an unconscious bias in your heart?

Are we willing to break down a system we benefit from?

Listen = Start a conversation.

Do = Asking how you can help and support.

Erin’s heart expressed the most to listen to each other better, open the conversation, and then get involved. Most importantly, ask God what you part is in all of this. 

How do we move in love instead of anger?

To hear Erin’s heart and view on racism, listen to the whole episode by clicking on the link above!

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About Erin: Erin Youngblood is the Founder of The Clean Campaign, Inc. A nonprofit organization and women’s movement focused on discovering what it means to become fully clean in Christ. Whether through their prayer circles or one on one bible study journey, they help women feel supported and loved on this journey in Christ.

“This movement is deeply personal to me as I made the decision to truly start following Jesus 5 years ago. For me, it is about the daily decision to be purified of my deepest insecurities, sin, and my desires above God that were robbing me of my purpose. I literally can’t do it without the divine Helper, His Word, and my circle of sisters and accountability partners — that is why this Campaign exists. We are all Queens! We are a part of this generation of women who will change history with the example of our lives.”

God’s View of Justice And His Body Taking Action with Alexandra Hoover

Alexandra Hoover’s heart for the Lord is inspiring and encouraging. I met Alexandria in 2019 at a women’s conference. I am grateful for her willingness to have honest, real, and truthful conversations regarding her own experiences and her families along with her feedback on how we can do better. Everyone has their own part in all of this as we become the legs of Christ. We get to love better. Be kinder to each other. And, most importantly, listen to other people’s pain without trying to make our pain match theirs. Alex brings so much Truth to God’s view of justice and racism.

Let’s begin to listen, to love, and lead with truth in hard conversation that create change. Listening to other people’s pain doesn’t diminish your pain. It allows for others to also experience a place of safety that all of us need.

Favorite quotes, topics, and resources with my interview with Alexandra.

Kingdom-minded is to be Jesus minded.

God is about redeeming His people.

Revival is now.

We are in the ministry of reconciliation.

The heart of God is not to be politicized.

We have been reconciled to Christ. Now let us become reconciled to each other.

Action Steps:

  1. Experience God’s love for yourself.
  2. Jesus is action. How are we moving as the hands and feet?
  3. Stay humble.
  4. Realize your own brokenness.
  5. How are you being disciplined?
  6. Abiding in Christ because fruit will come.


  1. The Good Life – book
  2. Latasha Morrison – follow

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About Alexandra: Alexandra Hoover is a wife, mother of three, daughter, friend, bible teacher, and writer. She’s passionate about communicating about Jesus, whether it be through writing or speaking, online, or in person. She spends her days loving on her family, dancing with her kids, serving at her local church, and living on a mission right where God has her. 

God’s Heart on Justice (While Healing Ours)

Key points, resources, and topics in my discussion with Amia. Amia discusses:

God’s mercy, kindness, God’s presence.

Find God and you will find what you are looking for.

Micah 6:8.

How do we love the “unloveable”?

Isaiah 41:10.

God is a God of justice, therefore, we are justice bearers.

How are you being called to rise up?

How are you calling others to rise up?

About Amia: Amia Freeman is the Regional Coordinator for Revelation Wellness and lives in Marietta GA where she teaches fitness classes for general and active aging populations with a specialty in Alzheimer’s memory care and Parkinson’s restorative wellness. Amia is currently completing the ACE certification for Coaching Behavioral Change. 

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