Untangle Your Thoughts

Overcome negative thought patterns and regain control of your life.

Numbing out is not your only option.

You will learn techniques that you can do anywhere.

Discover how to identify (and overcome) negative thought patterns. You will have tools to help you reframe, rework, and renew your thoughts, and transform your belief system (about who you think you are and who God is) at a core level. 

untangle your thoughts

Imagine if you:


Knew how to live a life with less stress and anxious filled days without being overwhelmed by negative thoughts


Learned how to manage your thoughts and feelings and felt lighter and free in doing so


Saw yourself differently for the first time, someone who has value and worth through God’s eyes and lived like you believed it


Felt confident in your ability to hear God’s voice and feel His love


Didn’t have to fight this battle alone and had a sisterhood of other believers who would support you, never judge you, and keep you accountable every step of the way


You had Jessica by your side coaching you and helping you through mental battles, daily stress load, and past pain

“I highly recommend Jessica’s coaching program because she helped me to stop relying on my feelings.

Because of Jessica’s coaching program, I am a lot more aware of what I’m feeling. I never realized how many negative thoughts just run through your mind throughout the day, and I realized a lot of what was running through mine wasn’t true or healthy. Since the coaching program, I’ve been focusing on replacing those thoughts with truth since Jessica taught me how.  Something I’ve noticed the last week is when I wake up in the morning, I’m not instantly filled with dread and overwhelm for the first time in SO many years, and that’s a huge blessing.”

– Jenn C.

This is for you if:


You want to challenge and change your belief system because you are tired of struggling with the same things


You wish someone would listen to you without trying to fix you (you wish you didn’t feel like the problem)


You desperately need help to improve your mental health but don’t know how or where to start


You want to be free from intrusive, tormenting and negative thoughts


You want to feel happy rather than stressed or anxious all the time


Above all else you want to hear from God 

This is not for you if:

You don’t feel stuck in life

You feel like you are just keeping your head above water (one-to-one would be better for you at this time)

You feel good about where you are mentally and your thought life 

You feel like you are barely surviving and making it (one-to-one would be better for you at this time)

You don’t wrestle with believing God’s love or knowing His love

You already hear clearly from God

What’s Inside Untangle Your Thoughts?

Inside, you will get 20 (+bonus), comprehensive, no-fluff, easy-to-follow lessons to take your life of numbing out to learning how to be present in the moment. Think feeling lighter, more free.

Learn how to manage symptoms, identify triggers, develop healthy habits, and challenge negative thoughts.

Worried about time? No worries. It’s a self-paced program. That means you are never behind. There is also step-by-step homework with each lesson breaking down the HOW and APPLICATION of each lesson.

BUT you also get support from me and other clients who have been where you are in the Facebook community to keep you accountable when you need it.

Plus these bonuses: Beginner’s Guide to Studying the Bible, Biblical Study on Stress and Anxiety (including study questions), Biblical Study on Anger (including study questions)

Challenging the Stories

We are all formed by the stories we believe. For example, if we believe God doesn’t care, no one cares about us, or this mental torment is going to take us out.

Together we challenge these stories. I help you recognize the thought patterns (narrative and stories) so that they can no longer become the story you live.

Changing Your Habits

Our way of life, our habits, and the things we do on a regular basis do something to our hearts.

Together, we begin to change these habits. I help you recognize the things we do, do something to us. We focus on creating new habits. We have the power to point our heart in a new direction toward Jesus.

Caring for Your Relationships

We become like the people we hang out with on a regular basis.

Together, we carefully discern how our phones, friends, family, or work have gotten into our heads and hearts and made us into someone we are not, and put lies into our heads that we have started to believe and become.

untangle your thoughts

Learn how to:


Talk yourself out of negative, self-condemning emotional loops


Transform self-defeating thoughts into allies


Befriend your feelings in a way that honors your past, pain, and God


Confidently address the root of the issue, emotion, or feeling without shoving it back down or ignoring it


Walk out the process of renewing your mind in the mundane parts of your day


Overcome negative thought patterns

“Jessica has filled this program with inspiration, explanation, and the “how-to.”

You’re holding a prescription to breaking chains that hold you back from wholeness and healing, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual. But as with a prescription, you have to pick up the meds, take them, and let them do their work. Jessica’s program is like that. Excellent balance! Best of all, it’s Scripture-packed and Holy Spirit-driven. I’m confident that so much healing is waiting for whoever takes this program but also applies it.”

– Neila J.

Are you ready to be set free from mental stress, overcome negative thoughts, and have peace with God and with yourself?


Pay in full $197




2 Payments of $99




Jessica Hottle Christian Speaker

Hi friend, Jess here,

Maybe you are thinking, why now, and why should you coach with me? I get it. I would probably ask the same question.

I was five the first time I witnessed physical abuse. It worsened and repeated throughout my teenage years (even into my early 20s). I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my life. Feeling abandoned, I turned to men to feel loved and my body to feel safe. 

In my search to figure out who I was, I fought mental battles daily, making myself promises that I would do anything to keep. I avoided confrontation at all costs. These thought patterns of not feeling good enough began to spiral out of control, leading me to an eating disorder and a workaholic.

I didn’t grow up in the church. I found God at 22 when my thought patterns and beliefs were already programmed in me at a deep level.

One day, I refused to believe the lie that “this is the way my life will always be” because of the way I was raised. That was the decision that changed the course of my life. 

I stand before you today, showing you it’s possible to break old negative thought patterns, find freedom from the pain that once felt suffocating, and renew your mind from self-defeating cycles.

In this program, I share with you exactly how I was able to make it all possible.


How long is this coaching program?

It’s a self-study program. Detailed lessons take you through each step and guide your implementation and transformation journey to challenge negative thought patterns. Each lesson comes with “homework” which is your application piece. You also get access to any bonus lessons and teachings Jessica uploads.

How do I know if this coaching program is for me?

This coaching program is for you if:

You wish someone would listen to you without trying to fix you.

You want to challenge and change your belief system because you are tired of struggling with the same things.

You desperately need help to improve your mental health.

You want to be free from tormenting and intrusive thoughts.

You want to feel happy rather than stressed or anxious all the time.

Above all else you want to hear from God and be able to discern what it true.

How do I know if I need Untangle Your Thoughts or One-to-One Coaching?

When to Choose Biblical Counsel and Christian Mental Health Coaching: (Time with Jessica one-to-one)

  • If you are experiencing emotional distress for longer periods of time with no real relief and need someone to walk with you personally (especially if groups haven’t helped)
  • If you need help learning healthier coping mechanisms or are unaware of what is causing the pain
  • If you are dealing with past experiences impacting your well-being

Ultimately, the decision between coaching and counsel depends on your individual needs, objectives, and the nature of the challenges you are facing. In some cases, a combination of both coaching and counseling may be beneficial.

If you think maybe working 1:1 with Jessica would be better, schedule your free 20 minute consultation here!

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the content and how it is delivered, there are no refunds.

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