How Repressed Emotions Impact Our Physical Health

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, but can’t figure out what’s at the root of it? Or maybe you’re dealing with chronic fatigue or an upset stomach and nothing seems to help? It’s possible that what’s causing your problems are actually repressed emotions. In this episode, I’m speaking with Integrative Health Pharmacist Kari Coody about how repressed emotions impact our physical health and what we can do to process our feelings in a healthy way.

Key points from our conversation:

Repressed emotions are emotions we view as unpleasant, so we stuff them which can lead to mental and physical health problems such as headaches, fatigue, or upset stomach. Sometimes these symptoms continue so long that we normalize it and adapt.

When we repress our feelings, it puts our body in fight or flight mode; it’s a natural process but temporary, we shouldn’t live that way. It’s subconscious. Your body can’t heal in that mode.

When we focus on what we want to change but are unable to, it puts us in fight or flight.

Stress looks different for everyone. Ask yourself a few questions – Is it hard for you to slow down? Do you sleep well? Can you take a day off and relax?

When there are things outside of your control causing stress, remember that you can’t please everyone.

How Repressed Emotions Impact Our Physical Health

Our goal is to please Jesus. You have to care for yourself first before you can care for others.

There are many ways to process your repressed emotions such as writing down your thoughts and emotions, deep breathing exercises, or listening to Christian music. Find what works for you and take a moment to yourself.

It’s okay to look different than the rest of the world. As Christians, we should reflect Christ. It’s not easy to take time for yourself, but when we work through these emotions, we look more like Him. He wants us to be free. It’ll take time. Be committed and consistent.

Kari Coody is a Christian, wife, mom, Integrative Health Pharmacist, a Blue Diamond leader with doTERRA essential oils, and co-host of Take the Upgrade Podcast. Helping women prioritize their health is a real passion after seeing how broken the healthcare system is. She lives by the learn, apply, teach method and loves providing the tools, resources and sharing with others how to “live it out” in their own lives. Kari’s greatest role is being a wife to BJ and mom to Edy and Cooper.

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