In this Truth Talk, I’m sharing my personal story about how to create space to heal. For many years, I lived in an overwhelming emotional place where I thought everything happening in my life was a lesson. Instead of searching for Jesus, I searched to find the answer to those lessons. Feeling buried in my emotions and wrestling with what I was experiencing kept me in a constant loop of questioning who I was. Then one night at Bible study, this phrase struck me – “God’s Word is a prescription for our health.” Coming to the realization that I could trust God for my healing set me free from fear and restored my true identity.

Key points from this episode How To Create Space To Heal:

God did not create us to bear high levels of pressure for long periods. Your inheritance from accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is not burnout, it’s receiving an abundant life. 

Most of us believe whatever happens to us has a purpose, but when we fail to realize God doesn’t cause the bad things to happen, we end up believing things outside of His character and nature. God is not a Father who is waiting for me to mess up so He can strike me for a sin in my life.

There are reasons things happen, but not everything happens for a reason.

There’s a beautiful tension we’re called to live in this world—living in peace and joy even as we experience suffering, pain, and heartbreak. But how do we find peace and joy? God is the antidote and prescription for our pain.

There is a real enemy at work who uses lies, misconceptions, and our concepts of “normal” to lead us off track.

God is the Healer. He’s not into pain management; He’s a pain taker.

Trying to work out our healing with skin-deep tasks avoids and covers the wound.

Creating space for healing allows us to not worry about doing more but resting in who God is to learn about who we are.

What I realized about healing is real change happens through internal spiritual change. We can’t “see” healing, but we can feel healing. 

God works from the spiritual to the external. God wants us to believe Him before we ever see our prayer come to life.

Bridging the gap between the spiritual and the external will require unraveling the lies that carry our unbelief to step into the truth. We need space to close the gap. Therefore, taking the time out of our day and knowing what we believe will be crucial to healing the gap.

To create space is to make time in our day that allows us to slow down and think about what we are thinking. Much of our healing will be partnering with God to heal places wounded to the naked eye, but the soul can feel. 

Renewing our minds will take time. Working through past experiences and trauma will require patience. Learning why we respond and react the way we do will take consistency. Every time we create space for healing, more room is available for us to know God on a deeper, more intimate level.

3 Steps on How to Create Space to Heal

Write down the thoughts you think regularly – If we do not know what we believe, then the gap from the spiritual to the physical will get wider, causing us to feel distant from our bodies and distant from God.

Name your feelings and write them down – Naming our feelings helps us begin to move through them effectively.

Create the time to spend with God – Read His Word and learn what He has to say about what we feel. His word trumps anything we feel. We can believe God even when we don’t experience His love wrapping around our feelings at the moment.

These three steps will bring awareness and help us move in the direction of healing with God’s word because the gospel message heals the soul and brings life into our bodies. The hard and holy work is not the physical act but the spiritual discipline which causes us to act—recognizing what we believe will affect how we see. 

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