If you were to audit your thoughts, would you say most of them produce restoration and healing or destruction and overwhelm? Our lives will follow our most dominant thoughts, so in this episode, I’m talking about how we can learn to find the Voice of Truth in a world full of lies. Unfortunately, there’s not a quick fix. Knowing God’s voice means investing your time with Him. He is the embodiment of truth and to govern ourselves with anything other than what He says is a lie.

how to find the voice of truth

Key points from this episode how to find the voice of truth:

When we hear truth, it will bring restoration and produce the fruits of the spirit. Lies bring destruction, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm.

What we focus on impacts what we experience in our bodies.

“We know the voice of truth because of the time we spend with God.”

The world lives in either/or; truth lives in both/and. Either/or leads to separation. God is both truth and love and calls us to reconciliation.

Questions to consider:

Take some time to get quiet, meet with the Lord, and ask Him what He has to say about your situation. Is what you’re experiencing based in truth or on a lie? What are you thinking and what are those thoughts producing in your life? How can you apply the truth of God’s Word to your situation?

Resources mentioned: Learning Discernment and Knowing the Critical Spirit with Phylicia Masonheimer

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