In this Truth Talk, I’m chatting with licensed Hope Coach Jackie Aviles about how to get hope back in your life. After defeating a terminal cancer diagnosis, Jackie committed her life to serve women through empathy that targets the feeling of hopelessness we all face during seasons of struggle. In this conversation, she discusses how God can use our doubts to strengthen our faith, how to keep hope in the most challenging circumstances, and the importance of community.

Points from our conversation How To Get Hope Back In Your Life:

A hope killer is anything that crushes hope in a specific situation and stops you from experiencing a breakthrough. It’s often based on fear, doubt, or comparison and rooted in the belief of the lie that our situation is hopeless. Hope killers cause us to doubt or fear the promises of God.

“A lot of times we think the presence of silence equals the absence of God.”

We often judge the story before we see God’s hand, but the Bible welcomes our doubt. Doubters carry instability; they lack the confident hope in what God will do in this situation. When we believe that Jesus is enough, He provides stability that strengthens our faith.

In Hebrews, the Bible says that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” “Assurance” is to stand on a guarantee and the “evidence” is similar to a title or deed. Faith is all we need. Because it’s been validated with the blood of Christ, so it’s rooted in His promises.

“God is calling us to victors over our doubt, not victims.”

When we’re sinking, our hope is the fact that Christ is with us and He is enough. We have hope in His grace.

How to get hope back in your life, “Stop focusing on the unknowns and focus on what you know to be true of the Lord.”

We often need outside help from family, friends, and/or counselors when we’re facing a hope killer. Practice meeting people in their pain and listening without trying to fix it. If you’re the receiver, believe the best in others.

Remember that God loves you. He’s good to you. And when you feel you’re failing, trust what you know about who God is and reach out to your community.

As a licensed Hope Coach, pastor’s wife, seasoned ministry leader, and writer, Jackie Aviles has a heart for women of all ages facing their own overwhelming challenges. She’s passionate about helping you focus your business, ministry, or passion project with in-depth practical solutions that help rekindle the God-given hope you are desperately seeking, preserving, and sustaining it for every season.

Her aim is clear: to run beside those hurting for the name of Christ and encouragement of others. She’s on your team and ready to take you from feeling pressed to walking in your God-given purpose!

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