I lived the first half of my Christian life checking things off a list, trying to find worth through my actions. The Word of God never penetrated my heart because I was still living with the same thought processes I’d always had. Now my passion is to bridge the gap between what’s in your head and what’s in your heart. In this episode, I’m discussing how an either/or mentality can destroy relationships and cause us to miss the fullness of Jesus as well as how to love others well by balancing truth and doctrine. Today I am talking about how to get the word of God from your head to your heart.

how to get the word of God from your head to your heart

Key points from this episode on how to get the word of God from your head to your heart:

We cannot continue to use scripture as a band-aid.

Symptoms can’t be fixed through actions alone.

God is as much relational as He is doctrine. He is both/and.

Love is logic and reason and it is connection and relational.

We need to balance our emotions and doctrine so that we can speak truth in love.

God’s word should be impacting you, which will impact your relationship with others.

“The more we focus on either/or we miss the fullness of Jesus.”

God works through relational love and truth.

The root determines the fruit.

Questions to consider:

Do you avoid connection with people because it feels hard?

Do you struggle to open the Bible because you don’t know where to start?

Are you teaching the Word of God, but neglecting to teach joy and connection? Do you water down the truth to accommodate other’s feelings?

What area in your life needs attention? If the Word of God isn’t transforming you, why?

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