How to Have a Consistent Prayer Life

Have you ever felt like your prayers aren’t being heard? Maybe you’ve even stopped praying because you don’t believe it makes any difference. In this conversation with author Val Woerner, she gives some practical takeaways for building a consistent prayer life and explains how developing our relationship with God through the act of prayer transforms us. There is no wrong way to pray, just come to Him humbly, confess your sins often, and have faith in Christ. Val teaches us how to have a consistent prayer life.

Key points from our conversation on How to Have a Consistent Prayer Life:

Our obedience to God to keep talking to Him is beautiful. He tells us to pray without ceasing. It helps you build trust and independence.

Don’t be afraid to schedule time with God. It means you’re making it a priority. If we don’t prioritize our time with God, it’ll get crowded out.

Our prayers can feel empty because the relationship is so distant, but the more we come to Him in the moments we don’t feel like it, the more we develop trust with Him.

Specific prayers leave no room to say it’s a coincidence.

how to have a consistent prayer life

When we say a specific prayer, we allow Him to change our hearts. Pray with open hands and have trust in the Lord that He will do what He wants to do.

It’s hard to articulate the beauty of being in God’s presence and how He can transform us through it. The more we desire to pray, the more we’ll desire what He wants for us. Prayer gives us the ability to connect with a spiritual world that draws us into a different approach to life. He gives us peace. Prayer deepens our relationship with others.

The things we struggle with we think we have to hide from God, but it’s only in His presence we can transform.

The most common thing that stops us from praying is the fear that we’ll mess it up, we can’t be so bad at it that it’s better to not try. There are only 3 essential components to prayer, don’t worry about the rest – come humbly to Him, confess often, and have faith.

In our busy lives prayer can become a checklist thing to do to please God that we forget it’s a privilege we’re invited into. The fruit that can come from the God that made us. It’s for our benefit. When we see that we become grateful for it.

Resources Mentioned:

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journals

Valerie Woerner’s mission is to help women live intentional lives that are an outflow of a fruitful focused prayer life. She is the author of Pray Confidently and Consistently, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, Springboard Prayers, and The Finishing School and the owner of Val Marie Paper, where she designs prompted prayer journals and other practical products that eliminate distraction and increase focus in prayer. Valerie lives in Lafayette, LA with her husband, Tyler, and their two daughters.

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