I’m excited to share this talk with you that I had with growth coach and podcaster Monica Packer about the lie of I am broken. Monica is all about progress and is passionate about helping people move from what feels broken to walking in their true identity.

In this chat, she addresses our humanity. We cannot live up to a standard of perfection, but we also don’t live to a standard of brokenness.

As a reminder, it’s not supposed to be easy!

Points from our conversation regarding:

Women often believe they’re uniquely broken, and if they feel this way, it’s hard to believe it’s possible to change.

Moving away from the mindset of feeling not good enough beyond repair is a lifelong process. The awareness of that brought Monica freedom.

Confirmation bias tends to break us the most – we see what we want to see.

Changing our perspective from feeling not good enough to being human starts with awareness.

2 ways you can be aware of brokenness without embracing it. Increase awareness of your thoughts without judgment and pay attention to what our bodies tell us.

If you don’t want to navigate from a place of brokenness, you have to navigate from a place of “who am I?” If you can’t start there, go from “who do I want to be?”

Accepting your humanity vs. using it as an excuse is saying I’m both human, and this is who I want to be.

Encouraging quotes from today’s show:

“We cannot live up to a standard of perfection, but we also don’t live to a standard of brokenness.” – Jessica Hottle

“If you believe you’re broken, it’s also hard to believe that it’s possible to change.” – Monica Packer

“Our outcomes can’t prove our worth. Our transformation lies in the process.” – Monica Packer

“You have to do something. If you don’t know what you want, start.” – Monica Packer

Your past does not define you!” – Jessica Hottle

Monica Packer is passionate about teaching practical transformation. As a podcaster, growth coach, and podcast educator, she guides women to find sustainable growth by adopting progress over perfection. Monica is a former middle school teacher, a forever Oprah and Harry Potter fangirl, a perpetual cookie dough maker, and a beginning swimmer.

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