I might be stepping on a few toes as I discuss a lie that is prevalent in society today – I need to prove my point. Spend a few minutes on social media or in a comments section and you’ll see that we’ve come to a place where thoughtful discussions have turned into hateful arguments and disagreements have morphed into disconnection instead of understanding. The truth is that there will always be differing opinions, but God has called us to love one another and his word trumps our opinion. A point proven is not worth a heart lost. 

Regardless of whether your point gets heard or not, just remember that you matter.

Takeaways from this episode:

In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul advises the church to respect different perspectives. Remember that the issue at hand was insignificant to the issue of keeping unity. He stresses that walking in love is more important than being right. 

As believers we should not only know what God views as right and wrong, but also on how our actions impact others. 

Our knowledge has become more important than walking in love with people. The truth is that witness is more important than our personal opinions.

Our problem with knowledge is that it tries to exalt itself against practical application. The same is true with theology. You can know all about the Bible and win a theological debate, yet lose the war for a person’s heart. 

Let’s learn to build character more than merely gathering information.

Key quotes from today’s episode I Need To Prove My Point:

“A point proven is not worth a heart lost.”

“Jesus’ word always trumps my opinion.”

“Love is superior to knowledge.”

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