I changed who I was and sacrificed my beliefs, but all that did was land me in the backseat of a cop car. During this season of my life, I needed to learn who God was to me, the truth of who God is, and who we are together. I needed to be able to feel so I could heal. I needed to learn who I was without anyone else. In this episode, I’m sharing 3 keys from my personal story and scripture about how we can lay the foundation to move from feeling to healing. In order to heal, we must learn our identity and worth in Christ.

identity and worth in Christ

3 Keys to Move from Feeling to Healing (Our identity and worth in Christ):

1. Know what you are giving your identity to

What we worship we become. If I worship people in this world, I will become like the people I worship and therefore more like the world.

2. Determine who you believe God is

Ask yourself who God is to you. Is He an angry God? A punisher? If your image of Him is based on lies, then so will your identity. We are image-bearers of Christ. The lens we view from matters. When we reduce God to our experiences, then we also reduce ourselves.

3. Our identity is found in knowing who God is

Knowing His love, character, and nature allows us to know ourselves. We can’t keep trying to figure out our identity without ever opening our Bibles and applying what those powerful pages say.

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