Lie #55 is personal for me as I share about a disappointment in 2020. This disappointment (as I am sure many of us have had) left me believing that I’ll never be good enough. Believe me, I know it’s frustrating when you’re pursuing something you know God has called you to, only to be continually met with roadblocks. The good news for us is that God sees the full picture. We don’t need to be swayed by the opinions of others. We can trust that challenges bring growth. Rest in the fact that a “no” right now, doesn’t mean “no” forever.

Ask God today about what He has called you to do. Ask Him how He has equipped you to do it and to address any ugliness in your heart.

3 Takeaways from Today’s Episode I’ll Never Be Good Enough:

Don’t’ allow people to convince you of who you need to become
Slow and steady growth is sustainable growth
No doesn’t mean forever, just not right now. 

Resource: Jodi Brandon Editorial

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