This Truth Talk was inspired by the story of Aaron’s rod turning into a serpent in Exodus 7 where we see Him working in the middle of a bad situation. Which helps us in answering the question is God in the bad? In this episode, I discuss five things that jumped out to me from this passage that we can apply to our lives when we seem to be facing the impossible. Remember, He is in the bad, but he doesn’t cause it. He’s bigger than anything we’re up against and He’s already won so we can rest in a place of victory.

5 Things We Can Learn from Aaron’s Story:

No matter what you’re facing, God is bigger than your problem. 

The Devil will try to dilute God’s power. 

God is in the tension.

No matter what hell you’re facing, God is the creator of all good things. He’s in the fire, preserving and refining you.

Keep your focus on the good. Ask God what He’s doing through you and for you.

Key Quotes from Today’s Show Is God In The Bad:

“God is in the bad, but He doesn’t cause the bad.”

“We can’t escape suffering, but suffering does not have to become a place of habitation.” 

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