In this episode, I’m excited to share my conversation with singer and author Ginny Owens about learning to find light in the darkness. Ginny’s book Singing in the Dark, introduces powerful ways of drawing closer to God and how the elements of music, prayer, and lament offer rich and joyful communion with Him, especially on the darkest days. In our chat she explains why so many of us find ourselves lost in darkness, why taking responsibility is critical, and how to recognize the voice of God.

learning to find light in the darkness with ginny owens

Points from our conversation learning to find light in the darkness:

Far too often, life’s challenges and questions cause people to fight feelings of doubt and despair, as they search endlessly for hope. Ginny’s book encourages readers not to struggle through the darkness, but to get through it with joy.

“The beautiful thing about pursuing light is that it’s always possible.” The blessing is the Lord is always pursuing us and He wants us to pursue him. Our peace and contentment grow as we get to know Him.

We get the opportunity to radiate light to other people. It’s in the unfolding details of our daily lives that we’re living out our stories. Does our story give hope to others?

A lot of times the voices we hear reflect our experiences or are offered through relationships or social media, but the opinions we take seriously should be from the people who know us best. God’s voice provides hope and peace.

We have to talk about sin. We can’t embrace grace until we realize we’ve fallen. Everyone knows what it’s like to do things we regret. Christ came to take those things off our shoulders.

When we make poor choices, big or small, it skews our vision. When we do things against our better judgment, it puts a wall between us.  Sharing honestly with someone who will speak truth in love with hope was the first step in getting through the fog.

“When you take responsibility, you get to take hold of hope.”

Responsibility is admitting that you don’t make a good god of your own life and surrendering to Christ. Then we take on the responsibility of encouraging others to learn from our mistakes. Taking the first step is difficult, but community is important to speak light. Taking responsibly means also giving up the pain and guilt that come with the sin. 

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About Ginny Owens

Ginny Owens has had an award-winning career that encompasses two decades as a singer/songwriter, recording artist, author and speaker. During that time, Owens has released 10 albums, five EPs and two Christmas projects garnering critical success, chart-topping radio singles, and numerous film and television placements. She continues to inspire others with the truth of the gospel through personal stories, songs and Bible teaching. In 2014, Ginny released her first book, Transcending Mysteries: Who is God and What Does He Want from Us, co-authored with Andrew Greer and published by Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins. Her most recent set of EPs, entitled Expressions I and Ii have amassed millions of streams across multiple platforms. Ginny currently resides in New York City and is in her final year of a Master of Biblical Studies at seminary.

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