Learning to Forgive Yourself

Do you know the cost of unforgiveness? In this episode, I’m talking about how we can learn to forgive ourselves and move on. I used to have a ruthless point of view on forgiveness because I believed it meant excusing everyone who had hurt me without consequence. But as I continued to press into my pain through scripture, the kindness of the Father helped me begin to forgive. We can’t hate our way into forgiveness because it requires both compassion and empathy. It’s a gift from Christ that allows us to let go of the extra weight we carry. Let’s dive deeper into learning to forgive yourself.

learning to forgive yourself and move on

Key points from this episode on What’s The Truth:

The cost of unforgiveness can be how we see the world and those around us. It can cost us friendships and relationships, lost trust, or cause chronic stress.

There are two sides to forgiveness – forgiving those who have done wrong to us and receiving the forgiveness of our sins from Jesus when we hurt or do wrong to others. 

To accept Christ’s forgiveness, we need an accurate view of ourselves and an accurate view of God. Walking through forgiveness often feels hard because we don’t believe God has forgiven us.

Believing we are forgiven bridges the gap between knowing about forgiveness and living in the freedom of forgiveness.

We often try to forgive ourselves through our works which causes us to continue to feel shame for the stories we carry about our past.

Unforgiveness is like holding hatred in ourselves against ourselves. Therefore, we are literally fighting a war in our bodies against ourselves. We become the enemy of ourselves. 

Unforgiveness typically has layers of pain and years where pain has accumulated. Jesus is the only reason we are forgiven.

If God says there is no condemnation, why would we disagree with the Creator of the world by engaging in self-condemnation? In other words, we’re saying Jesus is not enough and what He did on the cross wasn’t enough either.

Scripture doesn’t support forgiveness of ourselves because Christ forgave us. We are forgiven through Him. We get to walk out our new image in Christ through sanctification with the Word and His love.

Questions to consider this week about learning for forgive yourself:

Do I believe Jesus came to take the shame I carry? Do I believe He came to carry everything I could not carry on my own?

How can I begin to heal from past pain and allow God to rewrite new stories?

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