Top takeaways from today’s show:

If you need help in waiting well, then this lie is for you today. Often the enemy will come for us in the silence of our work. But, just because you hear a no doesn’t mean you are rejected, and it doesn’t mean it’s time to give up either. 

  • We are called to be faithful, not successful 
  • We are not called to give up but pivot
  • Stand on God’s promises and His word
  • Psalm 27 talks about waiting on the Lord
  • Romans 8:25 talks about hope
  • Hebrews talks about faith time and patience
  • He blesses the works of your hands
  • Create space between emotion and reality to evaluate what is really going on because too often we tie our worth into our work
  • What’s in front of us needs t to be honored because it is what can prepare us
  • what’s in your hands prepares you for what is in your heart


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