Top takeaways from today’s show: 

I love the question that Alisa Keeton asked as we discussed this lie, “What is God’s heart for?” Answering this question will remind us of what truth to stand on. 

Key points from today’s lie: 

  • There is more going on that just a diagnosis. 
  • We are redeemed from curses but not from persecution. 
  • In the world, we measure what is measurable. The Kingdom way we do not. 
  • Bad news gets stuck inside good bodies. 
  • Where there is a problem, there is also provision. 
  • What is quantum physics Jesus?
  • With authority comes responsibility.
  • Come from a place of already having and not from a place of striving to get it. 
  • “Believe you have received when you pray.” (Mark 11:24)

Alisa and I went deep into conversation about healing. This episode and lie are about challenging the way you view what is being heard and processed in this world through the lens of what God’s word says. It doesn’t mean we ignore what is happening. It implies that regardless of what is happening, you will cling to His promises and “feed on His faithfulness.” (See Psalm 37:3)

About Alisa Keeton:

Alisa Keeton is a wholehearted pursuer of God’s love. As a more than twenty-seven year fitness professional, Alisa felt God leading her to bring fresh meaning to the world of health and fitness. At first she resisted, but eventually she got on her knees, rolled up her sleeves and followed His call. In 2011, she launched Revelation Wellness. This nonprofit ministry uses fitness as a tool to spread the gospel message, inviting participants to become whole and live well through various on-line events and in person retreats. The Revelation Wellness instructor training program equips and sends out “fitness missionaries” throughout the United States and around the world while RevWell TV brings faith-based, at-home, on-line workouts and resources to anyone with access to the internet. She is a published author of The Wellness Revelation through Tyndale House publishing as well as the author of Heir To The Crown.

Alisa lives in Phoenix with her husband, Simon, and their two children, Jack and Sophia. As a family, they are on mission to change the world with the kind and courageous love of God.

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