Top takeaways from today’s show Too Old, Too Young, And I’ll Never Be Good Enough:

I ask Erin Sanderson three important questions. I know I have had many moments where I thought, “I’ll never be good enough!”

1. How do you serve your audience as you transition into something new? The second side to that question would be, how do you start something new if you feel like it’s too late for you? 

2. You love bringing out sides of people that they didn’t know they had. How do you help people step fully into (or even begin to step into) something that has been placed on their hearts to do? 

3. What truth are you standing on right now?

  • She shares how to get over the age stigma and to go over whatever God has placed on your heart. 
  • How too old and too young is from the accuser. 
  • How sometimes things seem impossible but are not impossible for a limitless God.
  • Give yourself permission to get it wrong. 

And so much more you don’t want to miss.

Tune in to this weeks lie Too Old, Too Young, and Never Good Enough!

About Erin: Erin Sanderson (aka: Fit Rocker Chick) is an internationally recognized style influencer, non-toxic beauty junkie, skilled musician, health advocate, and online personality who has shared the stage with acts like Evanescence, Halestorm, Candlebox, Skillet, with songs featured on MTV, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Fuse TV, and many more.

As the creator of Fit Rocker Chick SKIN, the “She’s A Rock Chick” Girl-Gang and her highly anticipated new clothing line .. it’s her no B.S. approach to life that has attracted an online reach over 300,000 people, and allowed her the opportunity to help thousands of women gain confidence and become the woman they want to be!

When Erin is not hanging out with her bearded hunk, fur babies, or her virtual girl gang… she’s either watching Lord of the Rings, researching a natural alternative for Botox, or buying tickets for Aerosmith’s upcoming Vegas residency!

Find Erin Sanderson on Instagram at instagram.com/fitrockerchick

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Learn more about her at http://www.FitRockerChick.com


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