Over the years I’ve coached hundreds of women and I’ve found there are three common lies keeping you from being healthy. They are:

  1. An all or nothing mentality – Accept the season of life you’re in. It’s a process to release pain, restore faith, rebuild, and revive. Your health is not on a timeline.

2. I’ve tried it all, so what’s the point? – It’s not about diet and exercise, it’s about the heart. If you go in believing you’re a failure, you will fail. It’s easy to lose grace, truth, and love when you’re letting social media define what is perfect and ideal.

3. If I accept where I am, I’ll be okay – Accepting implies we’re no longer challenging ourselves. We can honor our bodies how they are and challenge ourselves to change. There is freedom in Christ.

If you have thought about these lies above, you may want to listen to the talk I did on stigma on body types as well. As well as How to Trust The Holy Spirit Instead Of Diet Culture with Liz Patton and Summer Faith

Key Quotes from Today’s Show Lies Keeping You From Being Healthy:

“We’re so afraid to get our hopes up that we’d rather settle for something God never called us to settle for or at.”

“If we’ve thought more about our physical body than our spiritual health, have we not made our physical an idol?”

“The more Word that we know, the more we can settle into our worth.”

“Challenge the way you think, and it’ll change the way you live.”

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