“You were made for this,” the Lord repeated to me on the second day at Rev on the Road which is a 2-day event put on by Alisa Keeton (her ministry is Revelation Wellness) and her team of leaders. Since working through different health issues since 2016 my body and soul have been craving more freedom.

I could feel the heaviness I had been carrying for so long. When I asked the Lord why I couldn’t forgive myself He told me it was because I have become so used to carrying the pain myself. (Maybe this is where you can raise your hand and say, “Yes, me too.”)

We carry the pain around with us almost like it is our punishment for the choices and decisions we have made. As if our performance has anything to do with our worth or His love for us.

I won’t experience freedom if my heart isn’t willing to confront the very thing keeping me chained up.

The truth is the only thing that can set you free.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31—32

The key thing to note with that scripture is the truth that we know. The truth will set you free but it is only the truth you know that sets you free. We know His truth by spending time in His word and with Him.

He continually pursues me to remind me that I am free, I have always been free, but that I need to believe and receive I am free. Do you see the pattern throughout my life? I received what Jesus did on the cross for me. I said yes to Him being my Lord and savior. I believe He did it. But, I didn’t believe I was worth the sacrifice. (Always pay attention to what comes after your but.)

The Lord said, “Jess, you know pain. You have felt pain. Now it’s time to believe you are worth the sacrifice. Step into grace and out of the law.” Over and over these words continue to show up at different times in my life and different seasons of my life.

The vision the Lord me showed about worry was us being chained at the ankle to a small tree in the ground. We know we are strong enough to pull the tree down. We know we can simply take off the chain. Yet, it gets comfortable with the chain on. It gets scary to take off the chain of worry because then we step into a place we are unfamiliar with. (That place is faith.)

I love what author and speaker Alisa Keeton said that weekend to us, “We cannot change what we do not recognize.”

How do we forgive if we don’t know the reason we feel so weighed down? How do we receive His sacrifice if we don’t realize that believing we are worth it is the issue? It’s hard work to do the deep work. I know. I get it.

I won’t experience freedom if my heart isn’t willing to confront the very thing keeping me chained up. | Read more about Living in Freedom with Jesus on JessicaHottle.com

You know what’s easy?

Pointing the finger. We point the finger at God and become angry or we point the finger at other people because they got it wrong which leads to people always hurting you and you end up always being a victim of your circumstances.

You get mad at your children for not doing what you say. You snap at your husband because he didn’t read your mind. In reality, a lot of why we do what we do usually stems from our pain of  the past that we have never dealt with or taken to the Lord. Issues of the heart always matter to God. We see it all throughout scripture.

“All deeds are right in the sight of the doer, but the Lord weighs the heart.” Proverbs 21:2

“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverbs 27:19

So how do we do that? We sit. We slow down. We ask the Lord to show us what’s happening inside of us. Begin to allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Anger. Bitterness. Maybe you start crying. Maybe you fall on your knees in prayer and repentance. That’s exactly where He led me at that time. Put it to death like Jesus already did on the cross for you. You must make time for this work.

If you don’t know how to work through it by yourself then seek help. Ask a close friend to sit with you and talk with you. Ask your husband to sit and listen to you. There’s bravery, courage, and faith in asking but also in listening to the response to help.

You are free because of the sacrifice He made for you. Move in freedom today. Not because you must move but because you get to move. It’s time to stop putting so many rules on food and workouts and get back to the joy you once had in them.

Pray this with me today:

Lord, we can’t do this without You. Your love isn’t based on the shape of our bodies. Your love isn’t based on the number on the scale. Your love isn’t based on the size of our bodies. Continue to show us what Your love is based on. Which is the joy and happiness that You get from us by being alive and watching us live out Your will. Lord, let us be women who chase You and not food. Let us be women who receive Your love by laying down our work, and picking up Your yoke. In Jesus name, amen!

P.S. I have a body prayer printable with scriptures you can print up and hang up in your workout space to remind your body was a good idea. Begin to speak life into your body today!

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