Overcoming the Lies You Believe About Yourself

Setting up space for healing—receiving what Jesus did on the cross for us—will be the less visible miracle with the most significant impact . . . if we give time and space to heal. Overcoming the lies you believe about yourself will need time, faith, space, and patience.

To create space is to create time in our day, allowing us to slow down, even for a minute, to think about what we are thinking. Much of our healing will be partnering with God, whom we cannot see but can experience. Partnering with God will heal places that are wounded to the naked eye but that the soul can feel. 

Overcoming the Lies

Step 1

When we are healing from lies, one of the first steps is to write down the thoughts we think on a regular basis. What stories show up repeatedly throughout our day or in specific events? If we do not know what we believe, then the gap from the spiritual to the physical will get wider. Therefore, causing us to feel distant from our bodies and distant from God. Day to day, I fight back the narrative in my head that says I am not doing enough.

I try to fill my to-do list with enough tasks so I can feel like a success. If I do not put that way of thinking into submission with truth, I end the day with an exhausted body and an overwhelmed mind. Every day I remind myself His grace is sufficient for me and He causes the increase, not me. Now is the time to ask yourself: What narratives do I live on throughout the day?

Step 2

Once we begin to recognize the stories—the narratives—we tell ourselves, the second step is to name them and write them down. If they are phrases, think of the feeling you experience with those phrases. Naming our feelings helps us begin to move through them with clarity and effectiveness. We no longer guess what we feel; we are aware of what we feel. Even though not naming them may feel safer, masking our feelings can make them difficult to regulate and bring into submission of God’s Word. 

Step 3

After we spend time naming them, our third step is to create the time to spend with God to read His Word and know what He has to say about what we feel. His Word trumps anything we feel. We can believe God even when we don’t experience His love wrapping around our feelings in the moment.

These three steps will bring awareness and help us move in the direction of healing with God’s Word. The gospel message heals the soul and brings life into our bodies. The hard and holy work is not the physical act but the spiritual discipline that causes us to act—recognizing what we believe will affect how we see. 

Creating Space to Heal and Overcome the Lies You Believe About Yourself

One of my favorite ways to create space is to get outside, go for a walk, and be in nature. Therefore, I start the process by moving my body and walking with God through what I am experiencing. After I allow myself to process internally through the day, I grab the notebook I keep next to my bed at night. I dump out everything I was feeling for the day into my notebook. I like to see what I was thinking on paper—to name every feeling and emotion. Therefore, I can begin to make sense of what was causing me to feel turmoil and uneasiness in my body. Renewing our minds will take time.

Working through past experiences and trauma will require patience. Learning why we respond and react the way we do will take consistency. Every time we create space for healing, we make more room in our hearts to know God on a deeper, more intimate level. 

This is an exert from chapter 1 of my book Face Off with Your Feelings.

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