People are transactional. It’s a lie that you may not even know you are believing in regards to the hustle culture. You can systematize processes but you can not systematize people. I love how Blake handles this conversation and opens up about her own journey from unlearning this lie that people are transactional and teaches us how to end the hustle culture life and how to stop the hustle.

Key points from today’s show:

I love that Blake has been called to help women step out of the hustle culture that she once lived in. In this lie, she will help you break down what the hustle culture is, what it looks like, and how to break free from it. 

  • Do you leave people better off after they meet you regardless of whether they buy or not?
  • Hustle culture doesn’t want us to use our gifts. It calls us to keep silent, follow the next road to fame. Jesus calls us higher and to finish our race well. – @thegirlnamedblake
  • People are the purpose. 
  • How can you tell if you are living in the hustle culture? What kind of fruit are you producing in your life? It could be “good fruit” but from a very exhausted and mentally worn out body. 
  • God is the owner and we are the stewards of our gifts.
  • Blake shares her pivotal moment out of the hustle culture. 
  • Who gets the glory in your story? You are not the hero.

About Blake: Blake is the host & voice of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast, wife to Jeremy, & mama to Pacey & Elliot, & spends her days on staff at a local church as a graphic designer. She’s wildly passionate about women owning who they are in Christ & all the ways He’s gifted them & not falling prey to the lies the hustle culture is constantly feeding us.

She is also an Enneagram enthusiast (& 8), so there’s a very high chance she’ll find a way to wiggle it into the conversation.

Learn more about her coaching at

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