A Worthy Wife (Book + Sticker Bundle)

Jessica walks you through practical steps to have a relationship where God is your number one, above money, the man you are with, or your own deep rooted insecurities. She shares:

  • How to walk through your past.
  • How to love without expectation.
  • How your relationship with God directly affects the wife you can become or already are.

It’s time to look to Jesus instead of your expectations and entitlements. Hold on, because God is going to take you for a wild ride!

Includes a copy of A Worthy Wife as well as a 5-pack of stickers:

  • My feelings are safe with God sticker
  • Healed people heal people sticker
  • Jehovah Rapha sticker
  • Challenge the way you think, change the way you live sticker
  • Custom illustrated art sticker

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