If you find yourself constantly feeling rushed or seeking quick success, you’re going to love this conversation with Jennifer Dukes Lee about her new book Growing Slow: Lessons on Un-Hurrying Your Heart from an Accidental Farm Girl. In this episode, she shares quick success vs. growing slow and how we can find God in every season of our lives. She also explains her 3 R method of growing slow.

growing slow with jennifer dukes lee

Key points from our conversation about quick success vs. growing slow:

Comparison creates unnecessary pressure that hurries your heart.

Through observing a late harvest season, Jennifer came to realize that she believed in slow growth for the land, but not in her own heart. The rushed pace of her life was taking a physical toll on her body and mind. She learned she had to be at peace with the pace God had her on and has found growing slow has created more steady growth.

Start by observing what you’re already growing slow successfully in your life, then apply it in your home, in your work and with your relationships. Take practical intentional steps to slow your hurried heart like putting your phone away and eating slower to appreciate the food.

We often treat time like the enemy, but when we shift our mindset to embrace what we can learn from every season, we treat it as a valued friend. There are seasons of planting, growth, harvest, and rest. We cannot rush the winter and be prepared for the spring.

While something is growing up, it’s also growing down. We don’t have to get caught up in the pace of upward growth because the roots sustain us through drought and floods.

God is making everything beautiful in its time. Our heart posture should be that God is sovereign over everything.

Growing slow means being intentional about setting aside time to be still. Change your mindset that there are no set times for when things should happen, no false milestones you have to achieve.

We shouldn’t despise the hard seasons. God is teaching us about intimacy with Him and putting down deep roots.

Growing Slow Method:

Remember – Remember something truth related to where you are. It’s a grounding point that roots you.

Reflect – Reflect on why it’s important and what you can learn from it.

Return – Return to the land. Apply it in your life and in your communities.

Action steps for growing slow:

Think of 1-3 areas where you feel hurried. Take practical steps to slow down like turning off social media notifications.

Jennifer Dukes Lee lives on the fifth-generation Lee family farm in Iowa, where she and her husband are raising crops, pigs, and two beautiful humans. She writes books, loves queso, and enjoys singing too loudly to songs with great harmony. Once upon a time, she didn’t believe in Jesus; now He’s her CEO.

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