In this Feeling Rest episode, I’m talking about how we can move from sadness to joy, even in the midst of hard seasons. Your joy will not be circumstantial. You will have days where happiness and joy will co-exist and other days where joy and sadness will co-exist. Joy is found in the Lord, who is our strength and present for every battle we face. 

sadness to joy: feeling reset

Key points from this episode sadness to joy:

In Nehemiah 8:10 we see that the children of Israel are told that “the joy of the Lord is their strength” in the midst of mourning. The Word of God was doing its intended work – reproving and correcting.

Sometimes it hurts to be reproved and corrected. Therefore, may our sorrow for sin not grow to be so excessive that it hinders our joy in God. Since we are loved by a good God we can trust Him.

The joy of the Lord is your strength – even when you are being convicted of sin. While we are convicted of sin, we know that God is doing a work in us, so we can be glad and take joy. Whenever you feel sad, remember the joy of the Lord.

Our emotions are not beyond our control; we can do God’s will even when we don’t feel like it.

Because we feel connected to God and loved by Him it gives us the confidence and boldness to approach Him to “find grace to help in time of need”. And the grace that He provides is enough for everything in our lives.

Even in sadness, sorrow, or conviction – joy is still our strength and pursuit because God is good and kind to allow good work in us.

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Application for finding joy:

Non-verbal gratitude is memories-based. I want you to close your eyes and replay 2-3 moments you felt joy and God near. Pay attention to how your body feels as you relive each of those moments. With this in mind, write down your reactions. 

The key is to pay attention to how your body responds to joy and to stay connected to God through the memories. For example, I want you to think of pictures and movies playing in your head more than words to express joy.

Most of our gratitude and joy is expressed through words. This practice is expressed through pictures. Feeling God with you in those experiences of joy and memories. This helps us to find joy tracing back to Him.

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