In this episode, I’m talking about eliminating the stigma of different body types. These stigmas aid in how we misplace our worth because of the narratives about what’s “normal” and acceptable. I’m not here to normalize anything or tell you to accept something – the truth is that we can honor our bodies and steward them well.

Everybody has a body that’s different. And everybody has good news and bad news stuck in it that gets relayed and replayed into other people’s bodies. Let’s be careful that the words we speak over other women are kind about their bodies. Don’t take your pain and place it on someone else’s body.

Take some time today and ask what God is calling you to do and consider what’s best for your body. What feels good in the body that you’re in right now and how can you honor that?

Key Quotes from Today’s Show Stigma On Body Types:

“Bad news gets stuck inside good bodies.” – Alissa Keeton

“The narrative we keep telling ourselves as women has to change.” – Jessica Hottle

“Healthy will look different for every body, but everybody needs to address their spirit, soul and body to be healthy.”- Jessica Hottle

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