In this episode, I’m talking with author and podcaster Hanna Seymour about the lie that the Bible is outdated and irrelevant. I chose to speak with Hanna about this particular lie because she’s a pastor’s daughter who grew up in a home with a strong Biblical foundation. Because of this, her mission has become to help other women build their Biblical foundations to become the person God has created them to be.

During our chat Hanna digs into three of the main reasons people find it hard to regularly engage with the Bible. Our feelings factor into our spiritual journey and answers why a good God would allow terrible things to happen.

Points from our conversation The Bible Is Outdated:

Three reasons people find it difficult to engage with the Bible –

They’re too busy. Start small and ask God for a desire to read His word.

The Bible is complicated and seems overwhelming. “Before you open up the Bible and start reading, pray and ask God’s spirit to help you understand what the scriptures say and apply it to your life.”

The Bible seems outdated. When we have so many voices in our lives, the only way to learn God’s voice from the rest is to read His word.

If you don’t know where to start reading the Bible, start in what you’re most interested in. If you want to learn about Jesus, start with the Gospels like Mark or John.

Resource – The Bible Recap podcast and book

In your spiritual journey, your feelings are the caboose. They’re part of the train, but they shouldn’t be driving.

When bad things happen to us, it’s important to remember that God’s perspective is much broader than our and He is good in all things. We can’t allow our circumstances to preach to us.

Hanna Seymour is an author, speaker, and podcaster. Her book “The College Girl’s Survival Guide,” her podcast “No Matter What with Hanna Seymour,” and her “25 day” reading plans for personal Bible study all aim to help women have a Biblical foundation in order to be the person God created them to be Hanna has been featured on radio, television, and podcasts including: Fox & Friends, The John Ankerberg Show, Family Life Today, Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson, and more. Hanna lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Tyler, and their two boys.

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