Truth: There is no lack in the Kingdom.

If you’ve ever been caught in the trap of comparison, this episode is for you. In Lie #56, I’m discussing the lie that there is lack in the kingdom with a dear friend of mine and the mastermind behind Wellness Witness, Kara Osborne. This lie is the breeding ground for comparison and jealousy and when we believe it, we lose sight of God’s promises to us. Today Kara is helping walk us through some practical steps for living an abundant life with Christ by sharing personal stories of what it looks like to live in lack vs. abundance and tips on what has helped her through this perspective shift.

Points from today’s episode:

When we see someone receive an answer to a prayer we’ve been praying for ourselves, we internalize it and ask, “What’s wrong with me?”

Comparison makes us think lack exists. When we measure our progress by someone else’s indicator, we become discouraged. That then makes it easier to look at the other person as our enemy.

3 ways to begin living in abundance.

1. Be aware of what you’re telling yourself.

2. Give away what you need.

3. Ask others to teach you so you can grow.

The root of lack is an identity issue. We try to meet our needs with things that weren’t intended to be ours.

When we’re living in lack, we become “me” focused. People living in abundance serve others.

Make a practice of calling out the good you see in others.

You’ve been called to know Jesus and make Him known. The rest of us are better when you show up.

There is no lack in the Kingdom. Nothing she has can take away from you.

Key quotes:

“Comparison compromises God’s promises.” – Jessica Hottle

“If you are concerned with God getting the glory, you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Kara Osborne

“A woman who knows she’s loved can’t help but love other people, but a woman who doesn’t know she’s loved is dangerous.” – Kara Osborne

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