When it comes to food there is an underlying reason many tend to feel out-of-control with it. It’s usually because diet after diet led us into avoiding many foods that when coming out of a diet and eating foods that may have been forbidden makes us feel out-of-control simply because it is not controlled by a diet.

With every new diet, new rules tend to appear. Therefore you take the last diet’s rules and add it to the current one too.

Which takes away more choices. The list of limited foods becomes so big that you may feel as though you have nothing to eat or very limited choices which can lead to feel easily defeated and not wanting to stick with it for very long at all.

The high of a new thing keeps you going but after the high wears off, so does your motivation behind it.

Mainly because the motivation behind it wasn’t planted on Truth. It was more than likely planted on, “How will I look and how much will I lose?”

So, before you go on another diet, I want you to consider a few things first.

  1. Will this diet plan restrict my enjoyment at parties/events/gathering/family dinners? Will you feel the need to save your calories for the party? Will you try to avoid food all together because you don’t trust yourself? Or will feel like you have failed if you eat something off the plan?
  2. Does this diet feel free to you? Is it something you will constantly be thinking about? In other words, can you do this and stay free emotionally.
  3. Can you keep this up long-term? Can you keep it up with your current lifestyle?
  4. Will you feel deprived?
  5. Do you already find yourself labeling food good, bad, or forbidden? As in, “I’ll never eat that again”?
  6. Do you feel defeated before even starting?
  7. Do you “should” with food? Do you find yourself constantly saying what you should be doing? Eating?

These questions should spark some emotions or feelings inside of you. However, I am aware that with specific health needs some foods will have to be given up short-term. The questions are not meant to be black or white. They are meant to challenge you in your thinking so you can begin to stop this diet rollercoaster and begin to focus on the real Truth about your body, food, and where your worth is being placed.

Going on another diet won’t solve the answer to how you feel about you. Only Jesus can! The Good news is that He wants to do this with you.

Let me take a moment to speak life to you about your identity:

“He formed your inward parts”
“He knit you together in your mother’s womb”
“You are fearfully made”
“You are not hidden from Him”
“His thoughts toward you are more than you can count”
(All taken from Psalm 139.)

Pinky promise me you won’t start another diet to find out whether you are loved or valued but that you will go to the One who created you first and ask His opinion?

Rooting for you,

P.S. You don’t have to do this alone. I would love to come alongside of you to help you stop dieting and find freedom with food and your body that is available to you right now. Fill out the form here!

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