I’m too far gone is such a lie!

Have you ever felt like you were too far gone? Maybe you have felt like you can’t create change or there isn’t a different way? I’m here with Misty Phillip to encourage you that you are never too far gone with the Lord!

Key points from today’s show:

I ask Misty these questions to  get us started on our interview together.

  1. What does this lie mean and how does it relate to us?
  2. When you hear this lie being spoken or people thinking that their past is too much, what comes alive inside of you? What’s your story that makes you passionate about this? 
  3. What in us causes this lie? Where does it come from?
  4. In your book The Struggle is Real but So is God, you talk a lot about God’s promises. What would you say to someone about God’s promises regarding this lie?

Now, here are some great points from our talk.

  • Read Romans 8:30-31
  • “To know the word of GOd, you have to be in the word of God,” – Misty Phillip
  • The more you study the word, the more truth you know.” – Misty Phillip
  • Misty shares her Bible study tools and how she studies the Bible
  • “The enemy is the accuser. He will shame you, should on you, and convince you that the truth (God’s word) is nothing but a lie.” – Jesica Hottle

Be encouraged and reminded that you are worthy, qualified, and good enough!

About Misty: Misty Phillip is a wife, mom, podcaster, speaker, and author who is passionate about encouraging women to overcome challenges in life by seeking Jesus, studying the Word and growing in grace.

Founder of the Spark Christian Podcast Conference and host of the By His Grace podcast show. Misty inspires women through her speaking, mastermind group and currently serves as the Houston Connect Leader for Christian Women In Media. Misty is the author of The Struggle is Real: But So is God Bible Study.

Website: & Spark Christian Podcast Conference

Host, By His Grace Podcast

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