Today’s interview with Amber Cullum titled regarding there is no value in comparison, was a fresh view on discerning truth and lies. We must compare the thoughts we think to the word of God. In this interview on comparison, it reminds us that not all comparisons are bad. 

Key points and questions from today’s interview There Is No Value In Comparison:

While there is danger in comparison, we should not throw comparisons out altogether.

How do we know what is right and true if we never use our brains to compare and contrast? – Amber Cullum

Don’t we compare and contrast our actions/lives to the actions/life of Jesus and determine if we are growing in godliness? -Amber Cullum

How do we have a healthy relationship with comparison without taking it off the table completely?

Identify the dangers and fruits in comparisons.

The Key is to do a heart and motive check. 

Can some comparison be healthy for us?

Tune in to find out!

Amber gives very specific examples in regards to this lie about there being no value in comparison and how we can use compare and contrast in a healthy way that leads us to grow in godliness. 

About Amber: Amber Cullum is a wife to Sam, mom of 3, and the host of Grace Enough Podcast. A podcast designed to encourage the believer that God can use you to impact His kingdom no matter your story.

She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, a Physical Therapist by trade, but a stay at home momma by choice. It is a choice she is grateful for, but like many things it is not easy.

Amber is passionate about connecting with people and learning the stories of God’s grace in their lives.

You can find Amber on:




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