Wearing The Bigger Pants

Wearing the bigger pants, what does that say about me?

How many times have you grabbed your regular pant size and headed into the dressing room only to find that you can’t get those jeans past your thighs? Maybe you’ve thought, “How did I get here? Did I let my body go?” I can relate and I’m here to share with you this truth – you are not lazy if you have to buy the bigger pants.

When our size changes our first reaction may be to hardcore diet and exercise, but we should start by considering “what does my size mean about me?” In this episode I share from my own personal healing journey about the strength that came along with my bigger pant size and explore the practical and emotional side aspects of discovering why size matters to us.

Practical side of wearing bigger pants:

Every clothing line has a different standard of size. What a small would be to one company could be a medium-large to another. 

They are clothes. They are immoral. Clothes will only carry the emotions we give them. 

Bigger doesn’t mean bad. Bigger means change. When the size of the pants changes, it means our bodies changed. 

Emotional side of wearing bigger pants:

Ask yourself the following questions –

How am I showing up in my body to steward it well today?

Are there areas of my life that need more healing? 

Is this an identity issue more than a body issue?

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