What Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know But Would Never Tell You

In this episode, I’m sharing my candid conversation with podcast host and pastor’s wife, Angie Elkins. In our chat, Angie opens up about what your pastor’s wife wants you to know but would never tell you like the unique loneliness they experience and the most hurtful thing you can do to a pastor as a church member. She also offers some practical ways we can better support the pastoral staff and their families and they give their lives ministering to us.

Key points from our conversation What Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know But Would Never Tell You

People tend to put the pastor and his wife on a pedestal, but they’re normal people who struggle with many of the same things you do.

It’s assumed that pastor’s wives are outgoing and make friends easily, but that’s not always the case. It can be lonely when you’re introverted and there’s an expectation for you to initiate a friendship.

Pastor’s wives want to be themselves. They might choose to serve in the church or to spend the majority of their time working in other fields. Encourage her in her gifting.

Being in a pastor’s family is like living in a glass house. Everyone wants to know everything about their lives, but they experience the same struggles as any other family. People need to respect their right to privacy.

If your pastor and his wife are considered a “dynamic duo,” a great way to value her is to let her use her gifts and hire her. If she’s contributing, she should be compensated.

Encourage your pastor’s wife by sending her a text, offering to babysit or run errands. They’re not super humans; they need help.

Pastors are not planning church services based on their own preference. Trust them to be experts in their field and that they’re for you. It’s easier to trust someone you have a relationship with.

One of the most hurtful things for a pastor is for someone to leave without talking to them. They would rather you have the hard conversation, even if you do leave.

What Your Pastor's Wife Wants You to Know But Would Never Tell You

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